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Featuring in the popular Japanese Anime "Bakuso Kyodai Let"s & Go," the Spin-Axe Mk.II was produced from a proposal by character Tokichi Mikuni. Based on the original Spin-Axe, this machines oblong headlights and body have been brushed-up, giving it a more glamorous style. In addition, the Spin-Axe also features a cockpit area similar to the Spin Viper (19429) and a wider body to give the impression that it glides like a flying squirrel.

  • Newly designed body is made from ABS resin for greater strength and durability.
  • Fluorescent yellow wheels.
  • Motor included.
  • Loaded on the excellent three piece MS Chassis.
  • Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries. (Sold separately)
  • Without remodeling, the Spin-Axe Mk.II"s body can be mounted on items 18609-18613,18621, 18622, & 18629 (Standard small diameter wheel machines).
  • Mounting the Spin-Axe Mk.II"s body to Mini 4WD Pro chassis" with large diameter wheels,Grade-Up Items 15358 or 15359 Low-Height Tire & Wheels Set, or smaller diameter wheels such as Items 15120, 15213 and 15219 are required. It is also recommended to use Item 15349 Mini 4WD Pro Super Speed Gear Set (For MS Chassis).


SKU: ITEM# 18631
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