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  • he unresponsive yoyo Y01 is back with awesome new colours and also a good blasted finish - both on the sides and face of the yoyo.
  • The quality of the surface and ano is extremely nice, comparable to more expensive premium yoyos. Vibe? Close to dead smooth. It is long spinning and stable, capable of handling pretty much any trick with spin time to spare.
  • The only differences to the 2nd run are the blasted face and the gap width being a bit wider. The wider gap means it is less snaggy but also more slippy with binds. Good or bad - it is up to a players preference. One last thing that stands out about this yoyo is the price.
  • Gifts come with 1x replacement yoyo strings, 

NODE-Y01 New Colorway

EGP2,500.00 通常価格
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